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Cypress Forest PC Phytoncide Sap
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Cypress Forest PC Phytoncide Sap

: The common phytoncide extraction method involves mixing cypress leaves with water at a ratio of 1:5 and then placing in a caldron or tank and boiling at high temperatures of 100-120℃ and then collecting the vapor for cooled extraction. But DongYang uses distinguished technology of mixing cypress wood, cypress leaves, and cypress fruits and slowly steaming for 24 hours at a temperature below 60℃ in a heat-exchange air blast steaming drying furnace developed by DongYang to collect the resulting vapor using a six-stage cooling system. It is then aged for 24 hours in an aging storage tank to produce phytoncide sap and oil having the unique forest scent of cypress as well as approximately 130 unique components. Furthermore, using the nano-bubble anion mixer developed by DongYang, the world’s first nano-bubble anion phytoncide sap is produced to manufacturer products with highly upgraded performance. 

Specialized in Japanese Hinoki and Sugi
Fire Resistant and Flame retardant, semi-inflammable products available
All sizes available on request
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