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Company Introduction
Shinyoung Wood is the company that produces and develops to contribute to future construction and
ship building.

Since its foundation in 1994, Shinyoung Wood has been handling export wooden packaging, pallets and
interior hinoki and sugi louver. The company recently started manufacturing of daily life items made of hinoki
(low-mid temperature drying) for promoting people’s health.

The company also successfully commercialized wood products suited for the current trends in future
construction and ship building, and has launched materials with decay resistant, fire-retardant,
quasi non-combustible wood, securing its position as a strong business in wood.

Shinyoung Wood will protect lives and property by preventing fire, and will answer the affection and interest
shown by customers by being the most advanced environment friendly wood company.

- All Employees of Shinyoung Wood -
Main Products
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