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Company Introduction
Woodin Co., Ltd. is a company that merged the 1982-founded Tae-Won Wood Co., Ltd. into the 'Wood Division' in 2019. We handle a variety of products based on their intended use, such as interior and exterior materials, timber frame materials, and landscaping materials, and based on sawing and processing, have established facilities capable of handling all aspects of wood processing, from dry carbonization and aggregation to wood structure processing, and we can boast that consumers have access to a diverse selection and ease of purchase.
In addition, because we have the capacity to manufacture various interior products in addition to wood products, it is possible to carry out comprehensive work of wooden construction using our products, from the wood frame to the interior and exterior. We strive to provide consumers with superior quality products and trust by holding KS F 3021 (laminated material for structural use) and KS F 3109 (door set) certifications.
Main Products
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