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Cork is a natural material that come from ground up cork tree bark.

It is an eco-friendly material that is highly appraised in many fields as it has light weight, does not decompose, retains high heat insulation, sound absorption, and low heat conductivity.

Pavement using cork is called cork pavement.




Minimizes heating in summer due to radiating heat.

Natural materials are mixed with new materials to prevent rotting and minimize user’s fatigue with deodorization and elasticity.

The cork chips are processed with a resin we have researched and developed to significantly improve durability compared to rubber.

No harmful substances are detected when solvent-free binder is mixed with cork chips

Resolves the problems caused by odors, heavy metals, and environmental hormones generated by the existing rubber pavement.


Use of FC cork pavement

1. Sidewalk

2. Trail

3. Field & track

4. Sports facility

5. Playground

6. Bike path

7. Pool

The roads that both preserve the nature and ensure convenience!
FC Korea Land is building them.
FC has followed the path of ‘challenge and creation’.
With ceaseless R&D, we have shed perspiration to provide more advanced pavement.
Since our foundation in 1998, we have engaged in and challenged ourselves on ‘the roads we walk’ and became able to develop, make, retail, and construct using natural soil and appropriate solidifying agent or natural silica and cork for pavement.
We will strive to build roads that are more natural using natural materials.
We are currently concentrating on exporting and providing technology and products related to the cork.
We will not just pursue our growth, but do our best to make solid yet smooth roads for us and the next generations so everyone can be happy on the roads.
Through higer R&D investment in FC Cork Pavement using natural cork, we promise to develop environment-friendly pavement standard for Korea. A road where human and nature come together –  FC Korea Land will make that road the highest value.
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