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Treated Lumber
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It is wood that has been chemically processed for use outdoors or in humid places (wood treated with artificial chemicals to protect wood from moisture, mushrooms, fungi, and pests). 

In general, untreated wood can be damaged by insect damage or decay bacteria. Therefore, in order to secure long-term structural performance and aesthetic beauty, wood must be protected from natural destructive factors. 

Antiseptic wood is a product that protects wood from pests and fungi (decay bacteria) and extends the life of wood. 

The durability is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (AEPA) so that it can be painted and used outdoors. 

Preservative timber can be used for at least 25 to 30 years if it is well managed while exposed to the outside, and it is installed and used in exterior landscape facilities such as exterior decks, terraces, benches, and staircases. 

Our company directly imports logs from overseas such as New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada.

As our company is registered as a cooperator to good constructors in our country, we have the competitiveness to comply with every manufacturing process in one-stop service from the importation of raw materials to production and delivery, including the direction manufacturing of various products on every process in any construction site, while manufacturing and selling products in reasonable prices which meet customers with demand for companies.

Our company has secured certifications such as ISO 9001, 14001, innovative business, vision company, etc.

We have secured and realized sustainable management system around our representative director with experience in the timber business for years.

Currently, we expect to realize more sales than existing ones in the future as we established our second factory on the background site in Northern Incheon Port, introduced the latest equipment, and built up production lines for mass production with various varieties.

In addition, we are marking our best efforts to increase sales continuously in the industrial and packing materials, and landscaping materials without limitation to construction materials, while carrying out diversification strategy for customers based on our expansion of business development.

Besides, we are striving to make contributions to the improved cash flow together with the increased turnover of trade receivables in our company, while securing new timber distributors.
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